We provide quality

Our services are governed by intelligence, innovation and integration

The company has been consistently driven by belief in Global Quality Standard as a norm. We thrive for raising the Quality Standard in all our Operations, be it selection of Products based on the applications, Projects or Services.


Lakshmi Aircons MEP is one of the leading HVAC Solutions providers in South India, offering 360 deg Solutions with Annual Maintenance
Our strong in-house capabilities in design, procurement, project management, engineering and after-sales service help us meet your expectations.
From initial assessment to final restoration we provide an exemplary service.


Passion to Protect is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life for Lakshmi Aircons MEP
Keeping you safe and your property secure is our business
Preserving the Environment for a Secured living
Protecting Industries from Fire Hazards
Safe guarding offices & organizations with customized Automation Solutions

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